The Masai Mara National Reserve (1,812 sq. km) offers wonderful scenery and an abundance of big game.  With its rolling plains and grasslands it is reminiscent of ‘Hemingway Country’.  There are very large herds of buffalo, wildebeest and various antelopes. In addition hippo, giraffe, rhino, elephant and leopard are frequently seen.  The Mara is particularly renowned for its magnificent black-manned lions with their large prides who spend most of the day sleeping in the shade of the acacia trees. The Mara is also the scene of the spectacular wildebeest migration that comes through the Mara annually in search of water between July and October in their 1000km round annual trek from southern Serengeti plains.


Lake Nakuru

Reflecting a shimmering pink on the alkaline waters of Lake Nakuru are myriads of flamingoes and other water birds forming the world’s greatest bird spectacle.  Also a National Park, it contains a variety of wildlife and one of the Kenya’s finest Rhino sanctuaries.


A photographer’s paradise in the heart of Masaailand. The snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain at 5895m (19,340 ft) provide a magnificent backdrop of the spectacular wildlife pageant including the Big Five – Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, Lion and Buffalo, that are abound near the swamps and natural springs characteristic of this area.



The Samburu National Reserve is one of the most colourful and dramatic game viewing areas of Kenya.  The reserve contains the whole range of East African wildlife, but animals of specific interest are elephant, hippo, crocodile, gerenuk, dik-dik, grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and beisa oryx.  The bird life is strikingly numerous and colourful, perhaps the most impressive sight is the immense flock of tufted vulterine guinea fowl which make their way each afternoon to the river-bank to drink


A soda lake, home to the rare Greater Kudu and other bird species. At the lakeside, the volcanic action which made the valley, fizzes to the surface in the hot springs with their sulphurous fumes.



This freshwater lake hosts over 400 species of birdlife. Other attractions include hippo, crocodile and schools of fish.



Jagged snow-capped summits of Africa’s second highest mountain, 5199m (17,058 ft) dominate the horizon of this park. Lying astride the equator, Mt. Kenya hosts a variety of flora and fauna, including the bongo, black rhino, bush pig and other wildlife. Also available are climbing and hiking facilities.



Set in stark country in the hot and arid fringes of Kenya’s vast northern region along the Uaso Nyiro River. The river’s permanent waters abound with crocodile and hippo and attract plenty of wildlife including the peculiar Grevy Zebra, Gerenuk, Beisa Oryx and the comical Somali Ostritch, unique to these northern parts.


Shaba National Reserve, the most scenically beautiful, is where conservationists Joy Adamson introduced her leopard to the wild. Savannah grassland interspersed with thorn bushes, becomes acacia woodland, giving way to isolated crags and natural springs cascading onto the riverbanks.





The Aberdare National Park, hosts 3 unique tree hotels, The Ark, Mountain Lodge and the famous Treetops. The park is a wonderland of strange alpine plant mutants, dense forests, tumbling waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife. Waterholes and saltlicks at the hotels, attract the animals and are illuminated throughout the night game viewing.



Forming one of the world’s largest game parks is the combined area of Tsavo East and West. Adjoining this is the private game sanctuary of the Taita. The many wonders in this harsh countryside, include the “red elephant”, so called because of the red dust prevalent I the area. Another fascinating feature is the Mzima Springs, where crystal clear water gushes daily from underground streams of Mt. Kilimanjaro. A pageant of wildlife comes in from the vast plains to the springs where an underwater observatory gives an amazing insight of hippo in their natural habitat.




2 Days – Tree Hotel


Day 1: Tree Hotel

Drive north through pineapple, coffee and sisal plantations to the lower slopes of the Aberdares arriving at you base hotel for lunch. Transfer to your tree hotel for game watching at the flood-lit water hole.

(160kms, 3hrs)


Day 2: Nairobi

Breakfast at the base hotel. Return to Nairobi before lunch.


3 Days – Masai Mara


Day 1: Masai Mara

Travel by road to Masai Mara, stopping at Maasai colours for a  brief cultural visit. Continue to the Mara to arrive in time for lunch. Enjoy and afternoon game drive and overnight.

(260 kms, 5 hours)


Day 2: Masai Mara

A full day is spent in this natural paradise and see what it can offer in terms of wildlife and birdlife.  Dinner and overnight at your lodge.


Day 3: Nairobi

Return to Nairobi after breakfast to arrive early afternoon.


3 Days – Samburu


Day 1: Samburu

Early morning departure to the semi-desert north. Cross the equator, arriving at your lodge in time for lunch (330 kms, 5 ½ hrs)


Day 2: Samburu

Full day game viewing along the banks of the river adorned with doum palms and attracting big game.


Day 3: Nairobi

Return to Nairobi to arrive early afternoon.




3 Days – Amboseli


Day 1: Amboseli

Drive south from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park to arrive in time for lunch. Weather permitting, the views of Mt. Kilimanjaro will be spectacular.  Afternoon game drive, dinner and overnight in your lodge.

(250kms, 4hrs)


Day 2: Amboseli

Enjoy morning and afternoon game drives. Overnight at the Lodge


Day 3: Nairobi

Early morning game drive before breakfast and departure for Nairobi, arriving before lunch


4 Days – Lake Nakuru – Masai Mara


Day 1: L.Nakuru

Drive through lush tea and coffee plantations near Limuru. Descend into the Great Rift Valley, arriving the famous bird sanctuary of Lake Nakuru. Afternoon game drive before proceeding to your lodge for the night.

(160kms, 3 hrs)