Laikipia National Reserve is a remote and truly wild corner of Kenya, the Laikipia National Park boasts incredible game viewing in a spectacularly beautiful setting. Two rivers, the Ewaso Nyiro and Ewaso Narok run through the area, attracting a rich variety of wildlife,

including the second largest population of elephant in Kenya.

Vast open plains in the shadow of the snow-capped silhouette of Mount Kenya create a tranquil and secluded setting, where game drives encounter abundant wildlife with not another vehicle in sight. A wild yet romantic haven, Laikipia shelters not only the Big Five but a variety of rare and endangered species, including African wild dog, Grevy’s zebra and the semi-aquatic sitatunga antelope.

Laikipia is home to the world's only marathon which is run in a game park. Competitors run on the dirt roads within the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. This annual marathon offers gruelling challengers as runners battle the high altitude with one eye on the dirt road and the other on the spectators - elephant, rhino and cheetah. Other activities available in Laikipia are: camel treks, abseiling, rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, mountain biking, nature walks, animal tracking, visits to local manyattas and schools, but to name a few.

Attractions at Laikipia National Reserve include Rich wildlife, including the Big Five, spectacular landscapes, Sanctuary for both black and white rhino and diverse tribal cultures, from Laikipiak to Maasai and Samburu

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